Saturday, August 19, 2006

More PR

As I sauntered to and fro through Stumptown on my vacation, a few more possible Blazer PR ideas occurred to me. Maybe these are obvious to some, but keep in mind I haven't frequented the city for more than a couple days in...oh...probably five years or so. Having lingered a while this time, here are my impressions/suggestions:

1. It seems nowadays that the most visible symbol of what's right and vibrant in the city is the MAX system. So why isn't there a Blazer-themed MAX train or two? Everybody else seems to have them painted up, so you know it's possible. How cool would a black train with red and white highlights look? The Blazers could also request it run past the Rose Garden on game nights.

2. Despite the growth/renaissance in certain sections of the city, others look quite dilapidated. The I-84 and I-5 corridors are particular eyesores. There are any number of cold cement bridges, overpasses, underpasses, and business buildings with ugly facades facing the freeway. A little public art is called for here. Forget investing big time into TV ads which are unlikely to astonish anybody. (Who's forgotten that the Blazers exist? The problem is people see them as disconnected to the community. TV ads address the former, not the latter.) Why not commission some artists to decorate those structures with murals of past and present players? You know that grain elevator by the Steel Bridge that has an advertisement scrawled on? How great would that look with a 100-foot tall Martell canning a jumper on it? You could go all up and down the freeway corridors with a Blazer hall of fame. When you ran out of room there you could start placing murals all over the city. Eventually it could become a neat project trying to track them all down. (Have you found Lloyd Neal yet? I hear he's somewhere on Killingsworth.) All you'd need (besides the funding from your budget) would be for the city and/or businesses to give permission. And who wouldn't go for that? You'd be beautifying the town and giving it distinction as well as getting your name out there. Plus you'd be employing some local artists. It's a win all the way around, and something I really think people would grow to appreciate.

3. I've seen a few plaques around public buildings and institutions crediting the Paul G. Allen foundation for its public donations. That's nifty and I'm glad Paul has done those things for the city. But if he's really intent on owning the team long-term and really wants to connect them with the people again, wouldn't it help if those donations were made in the name of the Portland Trailblazers? I know they're handled through a charitable trust and there are rules about that kind of thing, but how hard would it be to do? The reasoning is simple. When folks see Allen's name up there I'm sure they appreciate it but they also think, "Eh...he can probably afford it." In fact some crass people might think, "$50,000? What's that to Allen? He should have financed the whole building!" But every time the people see the Trailblazer name up there they get reminded that the organization is an integral part of the community.

I'm not sure how practical any of these ideas are, but again these are the type of things the Blazer PR department should be throwing around in their internal meetings...

Back from vacation Monday.

--Dave (


Blogger Scott R said...

Let me be the first to cast my vote for Dave for Mayor. Then Governor.

10:58 PM  
Anonymous Earl said...

There is a really cool Martell Webster Mural on as you come off of the Marcum (How is that spelled?) Bridge on the right side heading north. It's a picture of him lifting weights, and it says "His pain, your gain." I'd like to see more of those type of things all over.

11:25 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Dave said...

Dave, you're full of great ideas! What with your video and the Max and mural concepts, I hope someone in Blazerland is reading. They should create a liason position in the PR dept. just for you.

How about an intra-squad exhibition game or two right after training camp in Bend or Medford so we can connect some faces with names way out here in the sticks...?

7:56 AM  
Blogger isabel322 said...

I also think all these ideas are excellent. We desperately need positive PR and outside the box thinking. TV and radio spots are just words. We need to infiltrate the whole city, with permission of course, but to create that grass roots support we used to have in the old days of red hot and rolling!

10:42 AM  
Anonymous fatty said...

b.roy is the poster boy of this
franchise to further notice
that's until the big guy comes
on 6/27/07 oden-noah-hansborough
that's when the buses and max's
get the murals until then
continue to lay low portland...

1:21 PM  
Anonymous jorga said...

I'm sure I remember a huge Jerome Kersey mural visible from the west end of one bridge. Am I hallucinating again or was there one?

If not a MAX train, then at least a bus or two... They do get all over town and I never see a MAX train on my normal routes.

The only Blazer commercials I see are during the games. How useful is that? (Maybe they are out there; I'm not much a tv watcher.)

We've got a couple of well-heeled (ouch) shoe companies in town - if they've got some of our guys under contract (???) they could come up with those murals ... hmm, I'm wondering if murals advertising anything for profit might be banned along with billboards...

I've got lots of ideas. When you become the blogger liaison (per Dr. Dave's suggestion) I want a to apply for a place on your brainstorming team.

2:22 PM  
Anonymous DLWM said...

Shoot for the moon! I think Dave should be Blazer President. I used to consistently defend Patterson, but after the last trade - which I understand he was responsible for - I'm ready to put him out to pasture. And he'll need a replacement ......

5:57 PM  
Blogger blackcash said...

shall we paint the town red? haha... but seriously... nobody uses the "iRiver", so that huge azz mural on i-84 can take its place under a fresh coat of red of black stripes.

here's my idea...

huge single shots of players such as bill walton, clyde drexler, geoff petrie, etc.,... with a simple word next to them... "Tradition." That's all you need to say. This franchise has a rich history, and it needs to be reiterated. It doesn't need to be shoved down everybody's throat... it just needs to be whipsered back into the community.

11:20 PM  
Blogger BLAZER PROPHET said...

Part of the problem the Blazers have are with KFXX & John Canzano. Both have doggedly set themselves against the Blazers and many good deeds from the team go intentionally overlooked due to grossly biased reporting. As such, the Blazer organization need to do a little self-promoting.

8:13 AM  
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