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As you may have noticed with Ken and TP, the "Friday Guest Spot" thing is pretty cool. I can understand why most people wouldn't take up their own blog. Coming up with...oh...a hundred and fifty posts about the Blazers in the offseason is harder than it looks. But doesn't everybody have at least one or two great thoughts in them? If you want to express yours in the Friday Guest Spot just e-mail them to me at the address below. Eventually they'll probably end up there. The topic can be anything you want (the team, being a fan, whatever) as long as it has something to do with the Blazers.

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Anonymous TP43 said...

Call this a mini-topic. Does anyone but me think it's extremely telling that Magloire hasn't issued even a single sentence statement?! According to Barrett, he won't be on tonight's CSMN either due to "scheduling".

This guy does not want to be here IMO and this only heightens my anxiety regarding this trade. Chemistry is fragile and just when we were starting to gain momentum in a more positive direction this feels like a step back. You're going to have a hard time convincing me that all of the players didn't notice that guys like Pryz and Blake did everything asked of them and then didn't get any kind of heads up when this deal went down. Doesn't exactly reflect favorably on the so-called "family - loyalty" angle managment is professing to value.

2:01 PM  
Blogger BLAZER PROPHET said...

Could it be he's busy with vacation? Or, maybe he's the quiet type?

2:03 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Both are possible I think. He may also think (like a lot of people) that this is only a temporary stop. Maybe they've even told his agent something to that effect.

Otherwise with him being in a contract year I bet he'll show up and do everything in his power to help out and get on the court. The time to worry about him is after he signs his next deal.

It IS a big contrast with Blake though, isn't it? And great point on the effect that has on the team. Although I don't think Martell and B-Roy and Jack will stop doing what they're doing as far as PR anyway, the organization should be careful to reward them for it.


2:26 PM  
Anonymous TwoDeep said...

Jeez tp43 --- on this subject at least it's almost like we are sharing the same brain. No need for me to say anything but "ditto". Ok, I'll say a couple more more things: Whether or not Maglorire wants to be here, this was an awful trade. The trade was Patterson's baby, or so I've read (has anyone else heard/read that it was he who orchestrated this trade?) Hope so as it clears KP's good name and it also makes sense as I don't think Patterson much understands human nature. I'll admit though that I'm a little confused as Dave seems to have an excellent grasp on what it takes to blend individuals into a good team and it seems he readily supported this trade ... right Dave?

3:03 PM  
Anonymous TP43 said...

Great point Prophet, I'd considered that but thought it highly unlikely the Blazer PR machine would allow it. They've done a tremendous job of keeping us informed on all player changes and I only thought this significant BECAUSE there wasn't even a blip. You would think Barrett would have said something like he's looking forward to it but couldn't make it this week but really nothing on that front. I'm reading between the lines, but I just can't see him being excited about going from a playoff team to the worst and splitting time to boot.

3:29 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Indeed I think this is a no-lose trade for the Blazers unless Steve Blake really does turn out to be the next Steve Nash (which he wouldn't have with us anyway). It was the same thing with the Van Exel deal a couple years ago. If he pans out we got a player for cheap. If he doesn't we keep him a max of one year then let him walk.

I don't know that much about Magloire's attitude, so that didn't factor into my opinion. Have you guys heard more substantial stuff other than the between-the-lines lack of commenting? If he is an ass I suppose we just dump him. No harm, no foul. The important thing is he won't be taking playing time from anybody who really needs it (Aldridge isn't ready to play big minutes) so he can't disrupt that much on the court. And if the kids aren't corrupted by Miles and Zach already, Mags won't do anything worse to them.


3:49 PM  
Anonymous TwoDeep said...

If I were ever able to win about 3 lotteries thereby enabling me to purchase the Blazers, I would hire you Dave as GM or President or maybe even head scouting dude. Why? Because to me, you've consistently shown yourself to be a clear thinker regarding so many aspects of pro basketball.

I do believe however, that you are missing the point on the Maglorire trade. It's not just about upgrading talent. Steve Blake was a gung-ho Blazer guy that worked hard to do everything possible to satisfy whatever the team and Nate asked of him, e.g. live in Portland, work out in the off season at a Blazer facility, involve himself with the community etc - not to mention that he was a pretty damn decent team first point guard. And Joel demonstrated loyalty to the Blazers almost beyond comprehenshion (I just knew he would stay with us though - that's the kind of guy he is). And what do we do to reward these two guys for their high level of loyalty and dedication? We ship Blake out of town and acquire a center who is apparently destined to take away a huge chunk of Pryzybilla's playing time. Did Blazer managment stop to think how this scene is apt to play out with our other young high character team oriented guys such as Jack, Webster, Outlaw, Roy and Aldridge?

How likely is it these guys will will be able to see much potential reward in giving their total loyalty and dedication to "the team" as Blake and Pryzybilla did? Who would blame them if they didn't?

Yes, it can be argued that through this trade we upgraded our team talent-wise (though I'm not one who's even convinced of that). But man oh man, didn't we learn from the Whitsitt era that there's more to building a team than simply accumulating talent.

I'm so disappointed in this move after we had been progressing so nicely.

8:28 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Everything you said is basically true. It's just sometimes stuff like that is unavoidable. Pritchard would say, "You have to trade talent to get talent." As I said above, I share your worry about the message it sends to the kids, but I think they'll be OK. I also want to see how Magloire turns out for us before making a final judgment.

To augment your point, one of the things I have been toying around with in my head is the possibility that we're returning to a Whitsitt style of management, which I would not necessarily consider a good thing. Little things are slipping through the cracks. Draft night provided one or two examples. Some might argue this might be another one. I hope we can retain some aggressiveness without slipping back into a style that ignores all the stuff you're talking about. For those who might wonder how that could happen...well...Whitsitt made the deals but Allen was the owner through every one of them. Here's hoping an excited, motivated Paul Allen does not also equal a semi-foolish, fantasy-league-ish one.

For those who are going to take umbrage at that, I'm not saying it's so. There's not enough evidence. I'm just saying it's interesting to watch.


2:54 AM  
Blogger BlazerBandit said...

I think this was an ok trade basically b/c we freed some roster space that wasn't contributing or in our long term plans. I have never been too impressed with Blake, he is an average point guard, and really didn't have that good of judgement in late, close games. I can vividly remember several games where in the last minutes he turned the ball over or didn't execute plays that resulted in losses. And i am sick of everyoen who said that he was an amazing defender! he is average b/c he moves his feet well, but is too short for the Blazers to have out him on Kobe.

Ha never really did much and was a waste of space so im glad we got rif of him. Likewise with Skinner, he couuld set a good block and grab some rebounds but he wasn't worht the money.

I also don't see why the blazers would have to consult Pryz on this deal too. BY get Mag Pryz will have a decnt backup and not require him to play 40min a night, especially on his knees. He's a hell of an upgrade from Ha.

If you envision Mag taking minutes away from Pryz, hoe many minutes do you expect Pryz to play? He had some injuries late in the year b/c he played too long in games, and we have him for 5 more years. Mag is a fine backup C for this year, and hopefully we can send him w/Miles b4 the trade deadline.

3:30 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

One way to look at it is that we would have screwed Blake whether we kept him or not. The Blazers are really high on Jack and it sounds like they have decent hopes for Rodriguez too, leaving Blake no better than the second guard, and they were hoping maybe the third. I'm sure they would have offered him a contract at the end of the year, but it probably would have been lowball. Neither would Blake have gotten a fair shake even this year. If he played poorly he would have been benched, but no matter how well he played he still wouldn't have overtaken Jack in their eyes. Indeed, they would have probably resented it to some extent because they really want to see what Jack can do. At least this way we worked him over (if you want to look at it that way) in a way that provides him opportunity to honestly win a spot and more money. And if Jack doesn't look like he's panning out and Blake does, I wouldn't be surprised to see us on the short list of folks offering him contracts next year.


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