Thursday, July 20, 2006

Where Are We?

Time to shift the focus back onto the court for a little while. Eric Marentette (link at right) posted pieces from John Hollinger and Kerry Eggers questioning the futures of Travis Outlaw and Ha Seung-Jin respectively...neither of which came as a surprise if you read the summer league stuff here. We've talked about it in bits and pieces along the way, but it seems useful now to recap where the Blazers are vis-a-vis the availability of their players. This is my best guess. Obviously if a LeBron or Dwayne Wade were available all bets would be off, but we're remaining withing the realm of reason here. (And mind you, this is not necessarily how I feel about them, but how I think the Blazers feel.)

Basically Untradeable (in order from least likely to be traded to most)
Brandon Roy
Jarrett Jack
Lamarcus Aldridge
Martell Webster

Not Exactly Untradeable, but Won't Be Traded Because They Just Signed
Joel Przybilla
Sergio Rodriguez

Available for the Right Offer (but it's not forthcoming)
Zach Randolph

Available as a Throw-In
Travis Outlaw
Steve Blake
Dan Dickau
Brian Skinner
Juan Dixon
Ha Seung-Jin

Could Be a Throw-In but His Contract's Too Big
Raef LaFrentz

Actively Shopping
Darius Miles

--Roy's play has shifted Webster's stock a little, but don't worry, he's still untouchable. If they were forced to trade one of those four at this point, though, it would probably be him. Funny how that switched.

--To me the decision to pick up Travis' option for one more year is a no-brainer. First of all we give him another year to cook. Second, if he's part of a trade his contract is low and doesn't matter much in terms of cap space. Nobody will see his expiring contract as valauble, they'll want another year with him.

--I'm a Blake fan too, but in the end his contract situation, management's love of Jack (and maybe Roy) at the point, and his talent/salary value to other teams makes him expendable. Don't shoot the messenger.

--I don't think we should waive Ha as Eggers speculated, but management likes the flexibility that carrying only 14 players gives them so they just might.

--I also don't like the idea of moving Skinner just in case we do trade Zach and because his contract expires next season, but I expect that possibility is on the table. He'd actually make a significant throw-in.

--Dave (


Blogger BLAZER PROPHET said...

Gee, I don't know what to say. I agee with every word your penned. If we are forced to keep Miles, Webster stays at SG and Roy will probably bounce back & forth between PG & SG (Webster can also spell Miles at SF) until Miles contract is expired.

10:17 AM  
Anonymous fatty said...

if miles is still here dave,
you'll definately be with me
next june at for
webster he has a lot to prove
this franchise has no untouchables
and if miles*randolph are still
here,we'll definately be a 18-24
win ballclub which= oden,noah
or hansborough.... i'll love
another dreadful season hell
if you can treat pryzbilla like
he's shaquille o'neal then hell
we can win another 18-24 games
this year with miles*fatbo....
as for the dumb*dumber which
is outlaw*ha adios amigos to
dumb*dumber !!!!!!!!!

10:58 AM  
Anonymous TP43 said...

Hard to disagree with any of that, the only place I might disagree slightly is with Blake. I think he is available as a throw-in but I would characterize him as the very last throw-in and that grudgingly. I don't consider Dickau, Rodriguez, or even Roy as great options at the point for this season (I'd underline that if I could). Having said that, it's probable we lose him after this year so I can see them doing it to get something done in a bigger move. Otherwise, great to see it all in context. Nice work.

12:36 PM  
Blogger Matt Rognlie said...

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4:40 PM  
Blogger Matt Rognlie said...

(typo in first comment)

I understand that management may think differently, but I'm no longer at the point where I view Zach as expendable only for the right offer. He simply needs to leave. We should trade him for any remotely reasonable package.

Sean Deveney sarcastically addressed a fan-suggested trade of Al Harrington and Josh Childress for Zach and Dan Dickau:

"I think the Blazers are going to give Randolph one last try. Why not, right? He has only been arrested three times (when he was 16, for possessing a stolen gun; in 2002 for underage drinking; and in 2003 for driving under the influence). He has broken the eyesocket of just one teammate with a punch. Oh, and he only was present for one lousy nightclub shooting, for which his brother was jailed. And a car registered in his name was pulled over for speeding at 3:15 am just once (last month)."

Deveney obviously isn't a Zach fan, and I mostly share his sentiments. I'm rather astonished, however, by the suggestion that Blazers management wouldn't take Al Harrington and Josh Childress for Zach - I would snap that up in a second.

4:42 PM  

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