Friday, July 07, 2006

Viva...well, you know

The first reports from summer league seem semi-encouraging. Roy and Aldridge had decent games, Webster lit up the gym, no word on sleepers yet but you wouldn't expect that from Game 1. It's sad we won't get any Spanish Chocolate action because he's the guy (besides Freeland) that we haven't seen and it seems the loose level of Summer League defense would cater to showing his strengths. I don't know how much we'll see him play in the next season or two but just once I'd like to see the guy work it and show why he was so intriguing in the first place.

When all's said and done, however, summer league is the online dating forum of the basketball world. No matter how good things go in that venue, you're going to start at square one again when you take the next step. Just as your Prince Charming of the Keyboard often turns out to be Squire Fugly in real life, the flaws of Summer League Superstars are usually illuminated by the regular season's rosy dawn. In short, you can sure kill your chances in summer league, but you can't raise them that much.

Nevertheless, it's a good opportunity to see what the rookies look and move like, for returning vets to show off new biceps and improved jumpers, and for fans to get some much needed grist for the debate mill. Plus, in addition to being a sop for our curiosity and a chance to rubberneck all the NBA glitterati, I imagine it's a lot of fun. So much fun, in fact, that I have decided to make the 1000+ mile drive myself to go down and see those guys. Obviously I am missing the first two games (darn responsibilities, you know) but I will be at the games from Sunday on. Since I have to pay for my tickets I probably won't have the same kind of inside info as Jason Quick, Eric Marentette, or the gushingly optimistic Mike Barrett, but I figure I can give a little bit of fan perspective not only on the game but on the experience as a whole. Who knows, maybe folks would consider making the trip part of their vacation next year? (After all, Vegas should be full of things for non-Blazer-fan family members to do while you watch the young guys.) We'll see if it's worth it. And besides, having complete editorial freedom and (as you well know) unlimited space, maybe I can find a nuance or two to bring out that the others might miss.

Long story short, there will be a post tomorrow morning and then between the travel, the game, and needing to eat and get situated, I'll probably be out of touch until late Sunday night. Look for reflections (hopefully) Monday morning!

--Dave (


Anonymous fatty said...

hey dave enjoy vegas buddy
word of advice,buy your tickets
next year around memorial day
at the vegas box office at
(702-739-fans) buy the tickets
only for blazers games $22.00
for all day access i was planning
on going but my fiancee was
under the weather so i stayed
home but next year i'm going
to give the surprise of her life
and marry her in vegas next summer
and you're invited buddy all
blazer fans in vegas are invited
so see you next spring and summer
from vegas, as for roy does'nt
surprise me he's going to be great
you'll see, later dave !!!!!
have a safe trip to vegas !!!!
remember csmn on tuesday from
the new york new york hotel
at the espn zone have fun !!!!

12:18 PM  
Anonymous TP43 said...

Keep one eye on Travis for us if you would. Watch how he's working on the defensive end, using screens, all the little nuance things we'll never get with our other credentialed information sources. SF is now our thinnest position on the court so I'm intensely curious to see if he really is going to be the bust it appears he is. Maybe if he's working hard all the time, playing great position D, and boxing out every rebound there's hope for him.

12:21 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Oh Lord Fatty, I can only imagine the big moment up at the altar for you...

"i fatty do promise
to love and honor
and cherish you and
all that other stuff
because i think your
hot and i like you but
you gotta understand
i'm gonna watch a lot
of blazers and football
so i hope you dont get
mad at me because i
want to have a good life
with you and remember
i'm not doing dishes
either go blazers!!!!"

Please, for the love of all that's good and holy, marry the girl but don't write your own vows, OK?


12:30 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

TP...will do for sure. Travis is one of the main guys I want to watch. And I know I said summer league wasn't indicative of much but this is the year when he's supposed to be a leader on the Vegas team which could tell us a little about whether he's ready to assume more responsibility in the rotation.

By the way, this is a good idea. If anyone has anything or anyone they're particularly interested in, comment or e-mail me and I'll watch for it.


12:43 PM  
Anonymous fatty said...

dave don't worry i already
wrote my vows so it's covered
as for outlaw i keep telling
you guys he's not a qoute on
qoute (nate's guys) reason
like i believe l.uppercut said
nate's standard are very high
especially on b.ball i.q. and
unfortunately travis on a team
like the suns,mavs,nuggets
he'll fit in perfect on a nate
team no way he'll be a throw in
or deep at the end of the bench
as far as leadership goes the
reason you're seeing martell*roy
together is because those are your leaders, and you could'nt pick
a better pair to lead this
franchise than roy*webster throw
in your boy pryzbilla and presto
the 3 blazer captains excellent
i may say myself, that's right
boys keep losing 58-65 losses
should wrap up noah,oden,or
hansborough dave have fun !!!!

12:47 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Oh Fatty...your own vows. I feel like the guy standing dockside watching people board the Titanic.

Please tell me the words "Blazer scout Britney Spears" and "Brangelina" don't appear in there anywhere.

Probably a good call on Outlaw. He hasn't seemed to pick up some of the finer points of the game. I think the coaching staff cheers for him but also pulls their hair out over him at the same time.

Interesting guess on the captains. Someone else was asking about that a day or two ago. Although I think maybe Jack would be a captain instead of Roy. Webster, Jack, Przy triple-caps?


12:54 PM  
Blogger BLAZER PROPHET said...

I agree with tp43. My eye is on Travis. He should dominate a summer league with his experience level. He's also going to be a restricted free agent after this season so he has to step it up for the sake of his career.

1:05 PM  
Anonymous fatty said...

dave your opinion on the spears
woman, should patterson or allen
fire her or should they give her
another chance if she promises not to pose anymore, besides she did
a great scouting job on roy !!!!
and trading telfair*nogo a theo !!!

2:24 PM  
Anonymous jorga said...

Hmm, Las Vegas in July... it never even entered my mind. But I'll sure think about it for next year - hotel rooms are at their cheapest when LV is at its hottest...

And Fatty's wedding to top it off .. a memorable vacation for sure.

This year my concerns are Travis and Ha. Last yr. Travis was one of the breakout players - but totally faded when back in the real world. But you're already watching him for tp. Watch Ha for me... is he really worth a spot on the roster? Do you see signs that when Joel's 5 yrs are up...we'll be glad we kept him? Seems like all I've heard is that his English is better. All the better to gripe at the refs after all those foul calls?

But have fun and cheer loudly for all of us. Maybe if you'll cross Eric's palm with a few poker chips he'll share some tidbits with you, if not his press pass...

6:10 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

lol...I don't look like Eric so I doubt we could run the old "passing the press pass" scam. I look more like Matthew Mcconaughey while he's more of a Brad Pitt guy. You could never mix the two up...


6:14 PM  
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