Saturday, July 29, 2006

Trade Flash

I'm breaking into the weekend festivities because the Racine, Wisconsin-based is reporting that the Blazers and Bucks have agreed to a deal sending Steve Blake, Brian Skinner, and Ha Seung-Jin to Milwaukee for Jamaal Magloire. Of course nothing is official before it's signed, but usually when something is reported to this level it goes through.

Magloire averaged 9.2 points and 9.5 rebounds in just over 30 minutes of play last year. He's around a 47% shooter, which is average for a big man. I haven't seen him play as much as I'd like, but I remember him as fiery and pretty devastating when he gets going.

Of concern is this quote from the Journal-Times (via hoopshype):

"Magloire became especially disgruntled with [Bucks coach Terry] Stotts during a five-game stretch in late March, when Magloire never played more than 22 minutes a game...Despite being the Bucks' best rebounder and interior defender, and going against a tall Detroit frontline, Stotts never played the 6-foot-11 Magloire more than 29 minutes in any of the five first-round playoff games against the Pistons."

A change in scenery often fixes attitudes, at least temporarily. Still one wonders if Magloire will be happy playing behind Joel (or if Joel will be happy if he gets benched right after signing with us). Magloire is in a contract year, which guarantees a solid contribution but also means he'll want to be on the floor a lot. Magloire isn't a runner either, so this could show a further commitment to the halfcourt game.

I think the trade does the following for the Blazers:

1. Shores up the center position, which was still a little thin. (I hope Raef wasn't hoping to play much this year though.) It also gives us a little scoring punch in the middle.
2. Provides more rebounding.
3. Lumps three separate contracts (Blake and Ha's both minor and expiring and Skinner's two years at $5.5 million) into a one-year, $8 million deal, providing slightly more flexibility next season.
4. Consolidates the roster, leaving spaces open as management prefers.
5. Makes it easier to make another move, either trading a frontcourt player and keeping Magloire or using Magloire's expiring contract as bait to go along with a bad contract. Because of roster limits it's easier to throw in one player than three. We'll also now have room to take back multiple players for a single one.

I don't know that Magloire is a long-term answer, but he's big, skilled, and it doesn't cost us anything to try him out for a year.

On the other end we don't lose too much we weren't parting with anyway. It feels like management has all but given up on Ha. I think they like Skinner but they have too many PFs already and his picking up the last year option on his contract next season was going to be more of an annoyance than a boon to them. I believe they will be sorry to see Blake go, but I also think they were prepared to watch him walk at the end of the season anyway. They likely would have made him a modest offer to stay, but he likely wouldn't have accepted it.

I know it's been batted around in the O-Live forum, but since it appears to be becoming more real, if you'd like to continue the discussion here you're more than welcome.

--Dave (


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do this trade in a bat of an eye. Magloire would be an excellent addition to the team for (in my opinion) giving up little. His complaints were not getting enough playing time. Kind of the opposite of Miles.

5:13 PM  
Blogger lyle said...

love the trade. it accomplishes a lot of things, all beneficial, in my mind.

number one, you're putting a better player on your roster than you're getting off it. short of taking on a toxic personality or absurdly bad contract, that can never be a bad thing.

you're freeing up roster space at the point guard and power forward position. which puts a little more responsibility on sergio rodriguez and lamarcus aldridge to put up something this season.

you're getting something for blake, who is probably gone after this season since he's stuck behind JJ and is also gonna want more money than he's worth.

you're getting rid of dead weight (sorry ha and brian).

you're getting a player in the final year of his contract. so if he fits and doesn't rock the boat and produces, you re-sign him... if he doesn't do most or any of those things, you wave by by and sign someone worth it with the money next summer.

and basically i can't think of anything that's gonna hurt us about this if it happens. pritchard continues to impress.

6:30 PM  
Blogger drawingjeremy said...

I absolutely agree. Blake would probably be gone anyway. Skinner plays hard, but isn't a player we are building around by any means. Ha is miles away from what we hoped we'd see by now, I hope he makes it, but he doesn't seem to be progressing much here. We pick up a solid player who has had a couple of attitude issues but he will likely be on best behavior being contract year. An expiring marketable contract for those who want more space, and if we don't deal him by the time his contract expires we have options in what will likely be a very good free agency market next summer.

6:55 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would be wary of re-signing Magloire even if he has a career year. I don't need to remind everyone about re-signing players who have good contract years (Darius and Zach). Plus we've got Joel and Raef already.

Too bad Darius wasn't part of the trade...

9:44 PM  
Anonymous Earl said...

For cap space and freeing up roster spots I like this, but... I'm not a big fan of Magloire. I like Joel much better and for cheaper. He doesn't play hard in small minute situations. He thinks he deserves big minutes and has proven he won't or can't produce without them. As a coach I would not want that type of player on my team. To his credit he was an Allstar a couple years ago, but he was an allstar backup center in a Shaqless Eastern Conference which means he was the only other decent center in the east besides Ben Wallace.

So I'm a little ambivalent about this but I'm going to see the positive side. For next year it's a great move, and we're rebuilding so we're supposed to be looking to the future right? So over it's a good move. I'm happy.

11:43 PM  
Anonymous luke said...

i don't expect magloire to be on the team after the training deadline.

that being said, i love the move. it takes pressure off of aldridge as we now have two legit centers and two legit power forwards, not counting him. it adds another solid veteran to the mix, the importance of which can't be underestimated with this team. it gives us a real bargaining chip, as i doubt we plan on resigning him.

magloire is certainly (much) better than skinner or ha and stevie is clearly expendable now with jj, dd, b-roy, and spanish chocolate. all wanting minutes at the 1.

i'm just glad we're being active this off season.

9:51 AM  
Anonymous fatty said...

thank-you jesus,finally a center
who can score,gee i get that 1999
feeling all over again,look if
we can get a workhorse pf like
my man boozer for fatbo great deal
for both teams,then a lineup of
that's a 53-29 ballclub no joke
because the bench of dickau,joel
aldridge,outlaw,dixon is very
applaudable,nice ballclub to
wacth especially the styles of
play,the starters a half court
tempo,the bench an uptempo style
of play,if pricthard pulls off
that fatbo-boozer trade,i'll
fly to portland for the press conference.... please k.p.
think of it trust me boozer is
a p.r. all around great guy
trust me get him now while the
jazz still want him out !!!!

9:55 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Have you all gone nuts? We need at least one more great draft to bring back ''the ring''!! I just hope we won't win over 25 this year!!
Who cares about this year that nobody remembers five from now!!! I'm thinking over the next decade and everyone seems like their hoping for 45wins would be a good thing...

12:30 PM  
Anonymous fatty said...

anonymous don't get too worked
up,if the 2 cancers are still
on the team then it'll be a 17
win season,so just relax now
if they traded the other piece
of human feces for boozer then
you worry not relax...

2:11 PM  
Anonymous TwoDeep said...

What are the Blazers doing!? They evidently place little or no importance on team chemistry and harmony. After declaring that signing Joel was their number one priority and then doing everything possible to accomplish that goal, they deliver a kick to his groin by acquiring a replacement for him at the starting center spot. This is incredible.

I think he signed with us rather than Detroit or San Antonio because with Portland he saw himself playing a more important role on the team. Now at best he will probably be playing only half of each game .... just like last year. If this trade had been done a few weeks ago, in all likelihood he would have rejected the Blazers - and I wouldn't have blamed him a bit. Talk about a spirit buster .... just at a time when it is spirit this team needs.

Does anyone remember two years ago when NVE and Joel were working the pick and roll to pefection? I do. It was beautiful to watch and Joel showed he could make solid offensive contributions. But last year for some reason, Nate chose not to utilize Joel's pick and roll talents which drew remarks from Damon Staudamire from down in Memphis that he was mystified and disappointed with the Blazers for not using Joel offensively; he warned that if they didn't, Joel could easily find a team that would. And most fans know that Joel is a hell of a rebounder and shot blocker and also brings a lot of mental toughness to the team.

So yeah, let's go find someone to replace him in the starting line up. Yep, that makes sense. And if anyone is thinking Maglorie would be content to play less than 24 minutes a game, you just need to look at his last year's situation.

And then, to further test my long term allegiance and loyalty to the Blazers, the team gives up Steve Blake - a perfect Nate guy - to accomplish this brilliant trade.

Also it's not like we didn't have anyone like LaFrentz or Skinner, or Ha to back Joel up.

What can they be thinking? To my limited mind, the only plausable answer is that Malorie is temporary and a deal is already in place to use him in a package to move Darious/Zach to another team.

That's gotta be it .... right? Tell me it's so.

5:47 PM  
Anonymous luke said...

twodeep: i think joel probably likes the trade because it makes the team better and he knows that magloire is probably only here till the trading deadline. also, we just went from having ha as our backup center to magloire, which is a nice upgrade considering joel gets in foul trouble a lot.

6:11 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I share your concerns Twodeep. I think Magloire gives us more trade potential, but I don't think the Blazers can be locked in on a deal for him because...well...if they already had a deal in mind why aren't they just making some sort of three-way? Besides even a few months is an eternity in NBA trade terms so any deal they might have now could have changed by the time Magloire becomes trade-eligible again. And then there's the fact that if people were beating down the Bucks' door for this guy we wouldn't have got him at such little comparative cost. (I know...Blake. But really how much is Blake worth honestly? Some, but not a ton.) In short I think a trade is possible, but I don't think that's the sole reason we acquired him as some have suggested. If we weren't willing to keep him all year we probably wouldn't have gotten him. That said, it IS a one-year contract, so maybe this doesn't affect Joel all that much, especially if he remains the starter.


7:51 PM  
Anonymous Earl said...

Two-Deep, don't worry. Joel will still be the starting Center if the trade goes through, which yahoo sports is now listing as a possibility. Joel is still more talented, and while I understand that Magloire doesn't do well with small minute situations, who cares. I'm only happy with this trade if we are trading Magloire. I don't like his game, and he doesn't gave much scoring ability anyway. Joel is better in every category that matters (defense, rebounding, moving without the ball) so he better get the majority of the minutes if Magloires on our roster.

Again, I'm hoping desperately that we're getting rid of him.

8:25 PM  
Anonymous brian said...

I think this is a great trade for the Blazers for many of the reasons Dave stated in the original post. You're giving up three guys who aren't going to see any time or will be departing at the end of the year anyway. In return, you're getting a solid post player and rebounder to solidify a position that was a bit shaky. Plus the guy is in the final year of his contract which is going to provide the Blazers with tons of trade opportunities come Jan or Feb. To me, this is a no lose situation. If he works out great then you can contemplate keeping him. If not, he's a wonderful trading chip in a league where decent centers are at a premium.
In addition, we've also managed to clear a couple of extra roster spots. Hats off to Pritchard!

12:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, draft wise 17 wins for the year would be fine but I'm thinking near 30 now...Someone please tell me I'M nuts...

4:25 AM  
Blogger BLAZER PROPHET said...

Great trade! Maglorie may turn out to be a small cancer, but this breaks a huge logjam at PG, allows Aldridge to get some minutes at PF and maybe gives Ha a better chance to learn the NBA game. To me, it's a win-win for both teams.

7:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is no reason Magloire can't be moved to PF. Perhaps the one to be replaced here is Randolph. This move makes him very expendable (assuming the Blazers can resign him).

8:19 AM  
Anonymous TwoDeep said...

Hmm. Magloire at power forward and Joel at center ... twin towers. One problem: in todays NBA, small ball is antiquating the twin tower concept and in fact the trend seems to be evolving to "no towers".

I'm hoping Earl is right, i.e., Magloire is trade material.

9:10 AM  
Blogger BLAZER PROPHET said...

twodeep, I agree- in fact, I wonder how Aldridge will do at PF (agility, speed...). However, the big thing here is that we're retaining Bird Rights on Maglorie. That could pan out into a nice sign & trade after this season.

10:27 AM  
Anonymous fatty said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

1:45 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Sorry Fatty...a little too personal. Hold back a little on the "morons" and such, eh?


5:18 PM  

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