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Hassell Redux?

Marc Stein's report on the first day of the Vegas Summer League contained an interesting little tidbit about the efforts of Houston, Dallas, and Minnesota to sign Toronto point guard Mike James, in whom the Raptors are no longer interested. While the former two teams are offering mid-level exceptions, Minnesota is said to be pursuing a sign-and-trade. But apparently Toronto isn't interested in taking Trenton Hassell in return. Question: do we still like him? What if it also meant getting rid of one of our alleged (qualification added in deference to The Prophet) headaches? Toronto GM Bryan Coangelo, fresh out of Phoenix, is trying to build a running team in the Suns' model. Darius would fit like a glove on that kind of team, perhaps even playing some power forward. Would the Raptors be interested? Miles' salary is tradeable for Hassell and Mark Madsen (small extra loss for the 'Wolves there). If James could be signed to a salary to fit--which is quite possible with the Raptors under the cap--everybody would get their man. We'd likely cut Madsen and he could return to Minnesota or wherever. I know we already have Roy, Webster, and Dixon at the shooting guard, but Juan doesn't seem to figure into the team's long-range plans and it might be nice to have a veteran in that slot who is also a lock-down defender. Hassell could also probably defend some small forwards, especially coming off the bench.

Perhaps he was a Nash guy and thus persona non grata around the Blazers' office now, but if we still like him it might be worth looking into.

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Anonymous Dr. Dave said...

I'll leave it to you rocket scientists to figure out the details but yes, we do need about two more savvy veterans for this year at least, to complement the youngsters. I like Hassell (perfect name for his defensive style) and maybe a reliable 3pt. specialist to come off the bench. I'm very interested to see how Sergio and Freeland pan out, too.

3:55 AM  
Blogger BLAZER PROPHET said...

I don't like it. First, Hassell is NOT a three point specialist. He’s not even a ‘scorer’. He’s a good defending PG. That’s about it. It would also mean carrying 4 PG’s (5, if one includes Roy)- and that’s idiotic. Remember, we’re supposed to be developing Jack. Add to that both Blake & Dicau (or however it’s spelled) have earned their NBA stripes and both do a very credible job. Hassell’s not going to was to come here just to sit. I’m not opposed to trading Miles, but I think we have to be very careful who we take in return so as to not dampen our rebuilding efforts.

7:38 AM  
Blogger ignacio said...

Roster-wise, the team doesn't make much sense to me yet. Either Blake or Dickau (probably the former) must be slated to be moved.

But I wouldn't object to Hassell and/or Madsen if things clear out some.

8:09 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

BP--You're right that Hassell is not a scorer, but he's also not a PG. He's a SG for sure. In defense of Dr. Dave though, he did shoot 46.5% from the field and 30% from the arc last year. Whether he would sit or not depends on how Webster and Roy develop. He could actually be the starter short-term and would add something to that position that we don't have yet (maybe at any position).

That said, the team would still be unbalanced, but then again it is right now. I'm betting that both Blake and Dixon are gone though, so that should help.


9:29 AM  
Anonymous fatty said...

if nash wanted him then no way
we want him, it's bad enough our
record under j.nash is(89-157)
(48-116) since the departure
of wallace*wells so anyone he
likes no thanks remember the
clowns we jettisoned last week
all nash's guys and ha is next
we hope, raja bell or b.bowen
type of player hard to find
easy to keep !!!!!

12:06 PM  
Anonymous TP43 said...

Personally I'd rather not see Hassell on our roster because of his offensive limitations, limited upside, and taking minutes from Roy & Webster's development. A veteran presence is important but if he's not well respected by the other players it gets severely diluted. Let's face it, the best players or someone with a long history / reputation for quality play even on the downside of their career gets respect. He's definitely lockdown at the 2 and (at times) the 3 but I don't think I could live with his 3 point shooting. In Minnesota it allowed teams to sag in on KG when he was on the floor and likewise would be the same problem with Zbo. I'd rather see us look at the FA market or pursue a trade for a 3 that can defend and shoot the 3. Just my two pennies...

12:15 PM  
Blogger ziggyblazer said...

Minnesota is offering Hassell and Jaric in deals. I for one like Hassell's game. He is one of the very best defenders in the league at the SG position (Dan Rosebaum had him #9, but he is probably #3 or #4 right now). He is a limited offensive player, but he is effective. He takes good shots, knows his role and willingly does it night in and night out, is a good rebounding SG, and can guard SF with ease. His defensive +/- numbers indicate that he plays defense very well with his feet, and does not commit fouls while defending. He is a good passer, a solid FT shooter.

As far as Jaric, I have questions about his attitude, but I think he is a very good talent. He seemed to be involved in some issues with the Serbian national team in Athens, and also last year in Minny. Don't know the details though.
Minny was +6 while he was on the floor, and I think the decision to bench him was about making him a fall guy for Minnesota's collapse. His fair salary based upon performance was greater than his actual salary. The TWolves were 235 points better with him on the floor than when not, and he was on the floor about 1/2 the time. That is a significant number. He averaged only 2.4 turnovers per 40 minutes, which is a very good number for a PG.

I think a deal of Miles, Dixon and Dickau for Hassell and Jaric would be beautiful for Portland. We get bigger, stronger, and we add a true professional in Hassell. It would reduce our offesne a little, but It is time for Webster, Roy, Outlaw, Jack to take a step forward.
We really need pro's like these guys, and if we lose Miles in the process I think we become a far better team.

3:00 PM  
Blogger BLAZER PROPHET said...

ziggyblazer, if we can trade both Miles & Dixon, I agree this makes sense. My one and only concern is hor Hassell will take it being a reserve. If not this year, certainly next year and for the duration of his career here. He may not like it and I wonder if that would cause problems.

3:34 PM  
Blogger ziggyblazer said...

I don't know how he would react, but I think his reaction would be better than Miles on a good day. Hassell has played an averge of 27 minutes per game for his career, so if his minutes fell to 22 a night I don't think it would be a big issue. He hasn't had issues like that in the past, but then again you never know.

I look at him as our new Ruben Patterson. Similar player, only a whole lot more professional, and a more all around player. Similar stats, similar skill set, fewer head aches, fewer problems, smaller salary.

7:12 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Dave said...

Hey, Prophet - please read my post again. I was implying that in addition to Hassell, it would be nice to have a good veteran 3pt. threat. Something to open up the interior for our big guys. With all the youngsters, we need veteran leadership now.

8:29 PM  

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