Wednesday, June 28, 2006

What the...????

Well, we've gotten through the high picks. Of course nobody will know for a long time how we did, but there certainly seemed to be things that didn't go right there. The Wolves taking Brandon Roy had to be somewhat of a shock. This isn't the first time Kevin McHale has taken the wind out of our sails either. (Kevin Garnett) It's almost like he delights in it. wait. Excuse me, but what the freakin' heck??? Just as I was typing that ESPN announces that Portland and Minnesota are swapping Brandon Roy (picked 6th) and Randy Foye (picked 7th)! And there were no other considerations listed. Now I am just totally confused. Why would they pick those guys and then swap them? Was Kevin McHale screaming into the phone, "No...FOYE! I said FOYE, not Roy!"???

For those keeping score at home, the trade chart now looks like this:

Portland trades Telfair and Ratliff to Boston for Lafrentz, Dickau, and the #7 pick.

Portland trades Tyrus Thomas (#4 pick), Viktor Khryapa, and a 2008 second rounder to Chicago for Lamarcus Aldridge (#2 pick)

Portland trades Randy Foye (#7 pick) to Minnesota for Brandon Roy (#6 pick)

Look folks...this draft has passed well beyond interesting into the realm of the truly bizarre.



Blogger jojack said...

well dave, i don't know. ok, maybe we did give away victor for nothing, but with the swiss kid, plus luol deng, i'm not sure that maybe the bulls weren't looking at aldridge insteed of thomas at the 2 pick. so we gave up on viktor, and i'm kinda bummed, because the big V has been one of my favorite players the last couple of years. scott skiles is going to love him. but at the end of the day, i like almost everything the blazers have done here. as you know, aldridge and roy were near the top of my list and we got both of them. raef for theo, who cares... i gave up on theo being a regular contributor long ago. the only value he had was his expiring contract... after this year. lets say miles is traded for basically nothing but an expiring contract; we have: jack and blake at 1; roy, webster, and dixon at 2; webster and outlaw at 3; zbo and dixon at 4; aldride and raef at 5. i'm stoked on that young nucleus. watch my blog for a full analysis soon, but i have a softball game tonight and have to go. think these things through dave, i think they're actually doing things right for a change.

6:41 PM  
Blogger ignacio said...

we got both aldridge and roy.

7:50 PM  
Anonymous brian said...

I'm pretty stoked about what the Blazers have done tonight. They got IMO the top two players in the draft, solved their PG problem, got much bigger in the back court, and got enough bigs to make ZBo expendable.
My take on the La Frentz/Ratliff thing is that it may have been done in an effort to keep Priz. Remember that Ratliff was mentioned as one of the players who MAY have packed it in early last year. Priz has said that one of the keys to him remaining in Portland was to clear out those types of players. Just a thought...
Now if we can just get rid of Miles and get a reliable journeyman to hold down the 3 spot until the youngsters develop, I think we'll be well on the way to recovery.

9:38 PM  

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