Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Tokito and Quick are reporting that the trade is actually multi-player, with Ratliff and Telfair going to Boston for Dickau and Raef LaFrentz. All I can say to that is: NOOOOOOOOOOOO! Why LaFrentz? His contract is a year longer than Theo's at the same money. He's also become less and less effective over the years, turning into an exclusively perimeter player on offense and a non-factor at defense and rebounding. The only thing he does well anymore is block shots. (If true I guess this means the Blazers aren't confident that Joel will return.) Unless there are more moves coming, I would pan his acquisition even for the pick.

Since it's only coming from one source (albeit our own) and that source is saying they've "received word" without naming sources, I can still hope this is just a rumor, right?


ESPN has just confirmed the deal including LaFrentz. (sigh) It's not just the extra cap burden into LaFrentz's third I've said a couple times before, what people missed about Theo was that his contract would be a very valuable bargaining chip next season. $11 million in expiring contract will get you a lot in the NBA. That's gone now though. And for what? Whoever we get or whatever we do better really pan out or Prichard has a black mark on his record from Day 1.



Anonymous fatty said...

dave i hate to tell you and
blazer fans this but the team
did the right move, you know
if they have 1 of the worst 2
records in the league next season
and get no oden and noah then
next july not one free agent
takes the blazers money then
you might as fold, by doing
these moves they cover their
tales also imagine the backlash
in about an hour from now when
morrison ends up in charlotte
all i'm saying aldrege and either
roy or gay isn't all that bad
remember oden or noah or bust
period later dave good moves
pricthard good move !!!!

4:02 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Fatty, I have no problem with the Telfair-for-pick part of the deal. I like that. I just dislike taking LaFrentz.


4:24 PM  

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