Tuesday, June 27, 2006

National Pundits

I know I said I wasn't going to post until tomorrow, but I just can't help indulging in a (hopefully brief and justified) rant about national media types. While I have relatively little problem with our local crew compared to many, I find myself getting annoyed frequently with national guys who opine on the Blazers situation when they obviously know nothing about it beyond third-hand rumor. Examples from this week include Chad Ford saying that Portland should draft Morrison because he's local and all the fans want him and Andy Katz saying that Telfair is buried in Portland's rotation when he actually started for much of the season. Think they'd say either of those things about the Knicks in similar circumstances? Of course they wouldn't.

Reality check: unless it's a deep playoff or glitzy market team most of these guys don't even watch the games. They read the same stuff all of us do and then act on it as if it were truth. In fact most of you if you are well-read and actually bothered to watch a game or two this year have more experience with the Blazers than many of these experts. No doubt they know more about the league as a whole and are far better connected, but what they know about your favorite team couldn't fill a thimble.

It's common knowledge that when an opposing team comes to town their broadcasters will ask ours, "What should we know about your squad?" and that's what they go on. It's the same with the national experts...except leave out the "asking" part. That's why most of them quote platitudes, deal in the most obtuse of sweeping generalities, or even say things that are just plain wrong when talking about the Blazers.

I'm not saying everybody works this way. I've always thought Steve Kerr seemed on top of things, for instance. But with most of them, honestly, they don't really care about your team unless it's going to give them a story and readers, which Portland isn't at this point. And that's fine, but then I ask in return why we should pay any attention at all to what they say.

--Dave (blazersub@yahoo.com)


Blogger Dudley said...

Absolutely true. I remember Chad Ford just a couple months ago, as quoted on the O-live blazer blog page, saying that Portland didn't need a SF because Darius Miles was "the future" for us there. I thought to myself, how does this guy call himself an "Insider"? He doesn't even know what all us outsider blazer fans know, that Miles is on the way out.

It's clear that these "experts" have very few connections within the teams, and are just guys that get paid to make educated guesses. It can be interesting at times, but their word choices often suggest that their speculation is actually fact, which is not true at all.

6:52 PM  
Blogger Scott R said...

it's good to see someone else noticed too. i get quite aggrevated reading some of their smut at times. But, hey, it may be a little jealousy too. Who wouldn't like to get paid good money to write on things that you have to do very little research on and you don't get questioned by your boss about it. sounds like a great gig to me!

9:52 PM  
Anonymous Dr. Dave said...

Another case in point: The ESPN TV coverage of the Beaver's run at the College World Series title. At least in the elimination round it was obvious they had done zero show prep or research. I endured the five second satellite delay and listened to Mike Parker's call.

4:23 AM  
Anonymous knuckleheads said...

In my view, those of our local scribes who strive to be as sensationalistic down-talking whiners as the national scribes are simply padding the old resume, angling for promotion to a bigger stage. "Help! I'm talking and I can't shut up!"

6:08 AM  
Anonymous fatty said...

like i said fellas the
nba only caters to the
bandwagon fans i live
in nyc and every g.damn
day it's about knick this
and nobody cares about
the other sad sacks
but d.stern said it this
morning on mike&mike
the nba does'nt need the
big markets to succeed
but portland need 2 stars
a.morrison is a big start
not m.webster not j.jack
a.morrison period !!!!
and believe blazer fans
if webster is averaging
16ppg this season he'll
will not be invited to
vegas no blazers will
except morrison later !!!!!

10:16 AM  
Blogger Mike said...

Getting facts straight typically requires research. And research cuts into TV time and ESPN Indsider chat wraps.

11:04 AM  

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