Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Feeling a Draft

I've always said that one of the sure signs your team is bad is that you get all excited about the draft. But, well...we are who we are. I'm getting excited for tomorrow and I'm not ashamed to admit it! I'm not thinking we'll get the next franchise player out of this draft but I'm hoping for a solid piece and an indication of the direction we're going. Besides our part, there are several things I'm curious about:

--Who's #1? At this point I'm thinking it'll be either Morrison or Bargnani, but who really knows? Those also seem the most likely two that someone would trade for, so Toronto may pick them to move them.

--Where does Rudy Gay go? He's the most enigmatic of the big stars. It seems he could go as high as 3 or slip down in Paul Pierce fashion into the late single digits or even early doubles.

--Does anyone move up? I have been speculating so far that you might see a lot of movement because the talent pool is relatively balanced, but another way of looking at it is that nobody is really good enough to move up for. Will we see a ton of jockeying or none at all?

--How much of a premium is there on centers? This may play out in the highest picks with Aldridge, but he's more of a PF/C than a true middle man. I'm curious about Patrick O'Bryant and Saer Sene, both of whom are project types. Is the middle still important to GMs or will these two speculative picks fall to the late first round? If so, would the Blazers move up to get one of them?

--How many seniors will be selected in the first round?

--Where do the Dukies end up? Shelden Williams is a good player who's flying beneath the radar right now. He might rise higher than expected. JJ Redick submarined himself with the DUI charge. How low will he fall?

--Who does Chicago take? If it's not a power forward, could there be a trade in the works (since they really need one)?

As far as Portland goes, I think their selection could betray a little bit about their future plans, if not by intention at least by necessity. I could see Rudy Gay or Tyrus Thomas in the small forward slot alongside Zach long term. I don't see Morrison and Zach fitting together well in the long run (both need the ball, both have defensive questions) and I think Aldridge or Bargnani would eventually replace Zach if they panned out.

In any case, it should remain an interesting day. For those who note the regular posts here, unless something radical comes up I will hold off posting tomorrow until after the draft when we will finally have something substantial to talk about.

--Dave (blazersub@yahoo.com)


Blogger Dave said...

Not that agreeing with Dwight Jaynes is something to crow about, but he basically echoed the comments from the Flash and Sizzle post below in his column today.



9:55 AM  
Blogger ignacio said...

It's going to be very entertaining. I always like the draft, but this year is the most enigmatic in memory.

I'm curious not only about Portland but also such subsidiary issues as what happens to J.J. Reddick. Will the DUI harm him much or not?

There have so many scenarios talked about featuring so many different teams. Who will Houston end up with? What will Danny Ainge do in Boston?

I personally want to see a lot of bizarre trades.

11:33 AM  
Anonymous fatty said...

bargnai at 4 roy at 7
for telfair great draft
if it happens !!!!

2:56 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I would agree with that assessment Fatty.


4:40 PM  
Blogger Scott R said...

well, i'd like to say i agree with fatty...i finally understand something he says too, which i love! I would like to keep telfair around, but i think his downside my outweight his upside down the road. Too bad because he does seem to be a genuinely good kid.

As for the draft, i've ALWAYS been excited about the draft, no matter where the Blazers were picking. It's always fun to add an unknown and see how it pans out. sometimes it's great(i.e. Uncle Cliffy in the 2nd round), sometimes it's forgettable. But it's fun to see how it turns out!

9:50 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Why Fatty...between School Marm correcting your grammar the other day and Scott R giving you props today, I do believe you might be developing a fan club around here. What IS the world coming to?


10:00 PM  

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