Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Draft Recap Part I: The Players

The most important part of this day is the plus/minus on the players, so we'll recap that first. A couple of peripheral issues will be addressed in the next post.

The most solid thing you can say about the draft is that the Blazers got exactly the players they targeted and more of them than originally hoped for. For that reason, whatever else you say, you have to say this was a good night. Here's the long and short of what we got and gave up:

Lamarcus Aldridge--Young, talented, tall power forward who might be able to play center someday. Probably a good defender someday.
Brandon Roy--Most all-around solid player in the draft, 6'6" guard who could eventually see time at both backcourt spots. Decent shooter and defender.
Sergio Rodriguez--A popular, talented point guard with potential star quality who is good on offense but has serious defensive questions.
Joel Freeland--A tall, skinny British kid who is a project at best for the next two years.
Raef LaFrentz--Another PF/C with a large, three year contract, a decent perimeter game, but health and talent concerns.
Dan Dickau--A backup combo guard with a nice shooting touch and some smarts but not much else.
Three future second round picks

Gave Up (Note this will not include players we drafted just to trade, as we never had them.)
Sebastian Telfair--A popular, talented point guard with potential star quality who is good on offense but has serious defensive questions who also has two years of experience in the league.
Theo Ratliff--A center with a large, two year contract and great shot-blocking ability but health and talent concerns.
Viktor Khryapa--A backup small forward who did a hundred little things right and was popular with the fans.
A 2008 second round pick
A whole wad of cash

A few things stand out:

1. We acquired a whole lot more players than we lost. Unless some of these guys get cut or shuffled to Europe, we're going to have to make more trades to cut the roster down, especially if we think we need more veterans.

2. We now have a TON of power fowards. Is a major trade in the offing? You would think that since he's in the owner's doghouse Isiah would be kept on a short leash. But if he has one year to prove himself with unfettered GM and coach power winning now would become very important to him. And he needs better forwards to win. And he didn't draft any. And Zach and Darius would probably help him win more next season than Channing Frye and Jalen Rose, at least on paper. Just sayin'...

3. We also, by the way, have too many guards still. Best bet is that Dixon is going.

4. It's no wonder people were confused when we traded Telfair and Ratliff but picked up Rodriguez and LaFrentz. Both of the acquisitions have all the problems of the old players plus some more besides. The single worst pick up of the day was LaFrentz's contract. In fact had we been able to keep Theo and not take Raef I would have been a lot happier.

5. We did not pick up much toughness or interior power, two things sorely lacking from this team. But I guess you can't fix everything at once.

6. Apparently Paul Allen's purse strings are starting to loosen again.

7. Overall as a fan I am pleased by the players we got. HOW we got them is another matter, but that will be covered in the next post.

--Dave (


Blogger Spotchester said...

Telfair is "good on offense"?

9.5 pts on 39% FG shooting, 75% FT shooting, and a 2-1 assist to turnover ratio?

Hmm, we must be looking at different stats.

He's too short, he can't shoot, and the gun incident has to leave you questioning his intelligence and maturity.

I also believe it's faulty to assume the Blazers got duped when none of us know what went on behind the scenes.

Great draft for the team.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

Perhaps a better way to put it would have been "offense is his selling point" but that takes more words.


10:45 PM  
Anonymous jh said...

dave short on words? naw....


Good analysis. I would disagree with your Dickau assessment though. I think he's a legit point guard (not a combo) with passing skills to go with his shooting touch. And when he's healthy he's actually fairly quick.

11:15 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I could go for that JH, but then the problem is worse because we have four point guards. I was trying to let us off the hook a little on the overcrowding thing.


11:27 PM  
Anonymous jorga said...

Sorry to see Viktor go, but I'm a sucker for hustle. Maybe we'll see that in one of the new acquisitions.

Best parts for me:
1. Getting Roy because we knew Nate really wanted him. Looks like Nate has input and the front office is willing to support him.

2. Martell's reaction to Roy's being a Blazer. I think these two could end up challenging each other and making both better.

3. The hope that this is the sign Pryzbilla was looking for, that we're moving in the right direction. (And if Martell is going to work on Joel too ...)

7:26 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Agreed Jorga! Those were pretty much the best parts for me too. I also hope that Aldridge turns out to be a quality big man. That would be really exciting.


7:43 AM  

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