Thursday, June 29, 2006

The Day After

Ahhhh...welcome to the post-draft hangover. As we rub the sleep from our eyes and wonder exactly what happened in our wild night of binging, let's roll over and look at our roster as it now stands.

Point Guard:
Steve Blake
Jarrett Jack
Dan Dickau
(Sergio Rodriguez)

Shooting Guard:
Martell Webster
Juan Dixon
Brandon Roy

Small Forward:
Darius Miles
Travis Outlaw

Power Forward:
Zach Randolph
Brian Skinner
Raef LaFrentz
Lamarcus Aldridge

Ha Seung-Jin
(Joel Przybilla)
(Joel Freeland)

(The guys in parentheses either aren't signed or will probably spend the year in Europe. I also assumed that Voshon Lenard is gone.)

Things to ponder:

--Obviously these moves show confidence in Jarrett Jack, which is not surprising, but do they also show confidence in Travis Outlaw? Assuming Miles gets moved, he's no worse than the primary backup at small forward this year. He could be the starter if we don't get a small forward in return. (There will be sentiment to start Roy at the 2 and Webster at the 3 but I imagine it'll take a while for Roy to gain that confidence.) Who knows, maybe he'll still get moved, but if the roster stays similar we'll be relying on him.

--Sticking with the guards, very soon we're going to have the option to run a three guard lineup from time to time. We haven't had that in a while.

--The obvious question for the big men is who plays center. Does this mean they think we can re-sign Joel? Otherwise we're going to have a power-forward-by-committee post presence and that ain't good. Raef used to be a center but is more of a perimeter power forward now. Skinner can play some center but isn't really a first option there. Aldridge is too slight yet and Zach won't like being a 5. I'm hoping that Joel comes back...

--If we get the center position filled, that still leaves us with a glut of power forwards. As I said last night, it doesn't feel like we're done here. Assuming we also want to move Miles, we seemed primed for a forwards-for-forwards trade. The question is, with whom?

--Does anyone have any insight as to why we traded Alexander Johnson? Reports said the Blazers were high on him because of his athleticism. We traded for him in the second round and then traded him away for future second round picks. Was it just a pick-grabbing ploy?

All in all, I'm cautiously optimistic. The backcourt certainly looks a lot further along than last year's roster. You could live with those guys for quite a while. Aldridge will have to hold down at least one of those frontcourt positions long-term to make it work though. I don't expect to be great, or even good, in the immediate future, but I do want to feel like we're one step closer. At first blush it feels that way now.

--Dave (


Blogger Scott R said...

let me be the first to comment on this post and just re-iterate what i said in my last comment on the previous post.

What a great day to be a Blazers fan. Today I hold my head high. I am very proud of what happened during the draft. it was awesome to see our management aggressively going after what they thought we needed most and achieving their goals. Lets translate that into the players on our roster and we'll be back in the playoffs faster than most people have us on track to do so.

The fact that Roy truly wants to be wearing blazer red and black is totally admirable as well. Does Aldridge have the same enthusiasm? I for some reason am not finding a whole lot of reading on him or his feelings about being in Portland. Anyone know where i can find some stuff on him!

Let's keep this train rolling and bring RIP CITY Back!!!

9:13 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

All I heard was the quote saying he was "Cool with" being drafted by Chicago and traded to Portland. Best guess: it wasn't his first choice. But for how many kids would it be? I'm sure he'll warm to it.


9:22 AM  
Anonymous fatty said...

excellent draft but remember
next year is the draft period
the opening nite line up is
for one more year and 5)raef
not bad at all 26 win ball club
with an excellent chance to get
oden-noah or hansborough next
june terrific job pricthard
the line up in 07-08 is
and at the 5)1 of the 3 guys
above i love it !!!!!!!
dave great coverage as usual !!!!
and by the way aldridge was not
happy s.a.smith was killing
the blazers scott he's dying to
come to portland because he
loves nate's work ethic and
outlaw will go in any miles
deal so stay tuned !!!!

10:39 AM  
Blogger Alex said...

We needed to make the Alexander Joshnson trade to get the picks so we have have leverage when we make a blockbuster miles and zach trade.

10:40 AM  
Blogger Scott R said...


i did hear him mutter something about nate's work ethic and hard practices making him better. however, his mannerisms(sp?) weren't indicating any sort of emotion. It just leaves me to question if he WANTS to be part of something special(hopefully) in portland, or if he is going to bag out as soon as he can. There is also the possibility that Aldrige is just a "stone cold" s.o.b. giving away no clues which in itself could be a blessing in disguise(i.e. Tim Duncan who shows as little emotion as any "superstar" i've ever seen). Hopefully it's the latter!

11:26 AM  
Anonymous fatty said...

scott i don't like his demeanor
also but duncan to me when healthy
is the best player in the world
when healthy, i also feel aldridge
felt slighted being passed up
by toronto and traded for ty.thomas
he'll be motivated and roy and
martell are so refreshing to
listen when is the last time
you heard refreashing to listen
to when it comes to blazer players
see you in the chat !!!!

12:45 PM  

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