Thursday, June 29, 2006


In case you missed it, Chad Ford (via Eric Marentette, link at right) offers this explanation for the Roy deal:

"Of the four, Roy is my favorite pick, and I like the way they maneuvered to get him. The Blazers caught wind of the Wolves' plan to take Roy and trade him to the Rockets. So Portland drafted the guy the Wolves wanted, Randy Foye, forcing the Wolves to send Roy to Portland for Foye."

Now...far be it from me to give attribute a ton of credibility to Chad Ford, but if this is the way it went down that was pretty brilliant. That's hardball. (And good bluff calling.) Maybe Minnesota thought we'd pick Rudy Gay at #7? In any case, if true, they were going to get their money from either Houston or us, so it didn't cost them anything to try it.

--Dave (


Anonymous fatty said...

dave it was a great smokescreen
see the blazers feared what
ending up happening a draft
the stache backlash in portland
and as far as s.a.smith goes
i love making fun at the j.nash
blazers, but s.a.smith went
overboared just to hear himself
talk, i was very proud of
s.patterson for staring america
in the face and said we hit
a grand slam !!!!! right on
patterson pricthard and nate
i'm proud to be a blazers fan
and proud i wacthed this team
79 times this season !!!!!
dave i'm the one in the
blazer chat last season that
started the a.morrison campaign
ask e.marinette he'll tell you
i love morrison, but the blazers
drafted brilliantly it was a
typical b.buckwater throwback
20 years ago draft, i'll be
the 1st to admit i was wrong
and i was wrong, pricthard
is our g.m. to further notice
period !!!! opening night lineup
in 07-08 jack,roy,webster,
aldridge,the combo of oden
noah,or hansborough from n.c.
see dave the blazers have
young stars in the making
in roy,webster,aldridge but
next year's draft is the
superstar draft and the
advertisers are craving for
next year's talent pool
07-08 is the reinessance in
portland later dave !!!!!

10:56 AM  
Anonymous fatty said...

dave one more thing j.nash
a man i can't stand i felt
very bad for last night
he was on nba tv and p.vescey
kept making fun of the fact
except for ha who will be
next to go or be cut i hope
nash's 04-05 draft picks are
gone telfair for roy, kryhapa
for aldridge and monia for skinner
strange how mcmillian got rid
of the players he did'nt really
like and pricthard got him
players he loves just food
for thought later dave !!!!!

11:01 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Thank you Fatty! I didn't know Nash was on NBA TV. I feel bad for him too in a way, but it was obvious that his picks were being cleaned out. We'll see how they perform elsewhere. I don't think they were bad players.


11:26 AM  
Blogger ignacio said...

fatty's basically correct -- and i believe there are more deals to come.

steven a. smith was a disgrace.

5:03 PM  

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