Monday, May 08, 2006

Trading Post--Zach

Please see the notes on Darius trades below for an explanation on the limitations of this list. Basically it should be fairly accurate, but because of cap rules and salary tweaks, there are probably a couple of errors. Conclusiveness is hampered by Zach's Base Year Compensation status, which ends in July. The trade checkers should be a lot friendlier to him after that. Remember that there are no value judgments in this list, just matching numbers. Also remember that all trades are two-team, player-for-player.

Trades that Should Work with Zach:
Joe Johnson--Atlanta
Wally Sczcerbiak, Raef LaFrentz--Boston
Larry Hughes--Cleveland
Kenyon Martin--Denver
Rasheed Wallace--Detroit
Jason Richardson--Golden State
Yao Ming--Houston
Elton Brand--LA Clippers
Lamar Odom--LA Lakers
Pau Gasol--Memphis
Michael Redd--Milwaukee
Richard Jefferson--New Jersey
Steve Nash, Amare Stoudemire--Phoenix
Mike Bibby, Brad Miller--Sacramento
Ray Allen--Seattle
Carlos Boozer, Andre Kirilenko--Utah

Obviously the list of players you can trade straight-up for Zach is a lot shorter than Darius' was. And 90% of the field is in the "not in a million years, even with a draft pick" category. The only reasonable options are Sczcerbiak, LaFrentz, Martin, and Boozer, which not only sounds like a law firm but actually gets paid like one for the next half decade. This is the exact trap the Blazers must laterally for bloated contracts of players who might help in the short term but will kill your future options as much as keeping Zach would. A 21-win team either needs to improve radically or get radically more flexible, and those players do neither for us. (Martin is probably the most talented of the bunch, but does he put us over the top when Zach couldn't? I doubt it. Plus his knees and attitude are both questionable.) Conclusion: If you're hoping for a good Zach trade, it'll have to be multi-player.

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Anonymous fatty said...

what does lucas,natt,b.williams
and b.grant all have in common
which is the opposite of z.randolph
those 4 players made being an enforcer on the boards and do the
dirty work a priority zach does'nt
a zach for boozer deal is perfect for both teams, when boozer was
healthy for the last 30 games
look at his numbers enough said
the blazers always do well when
they have a tough rebounding p.f.
you can look it up thank-you

1:00 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I think you're right that one of the big keys is defensive rebounding. And we sure could use a tough guy to do that dirty work. Buck Williams is an all-time favorite.

I think a part that most folks miss is that lack of defensive rebounding is a culprit in our league-trailing offense. Offense requires possession. The Blazers were consistently low in number of possessions. Every defensive rebound they miss (also every turnover they make, another bugaboo) is another possession missed.


1:07 PM  

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