Friday, May 12, 2006

So You Want a New Owner?

Pray to every god you know it's not these guys.

From the realgm wiretap May 12th, quoting a Chicago Tribune story. (registration required)

>>Chicago Tribune - Magic Johnson envisions a situation in the future where he would purchase an NBA franchise with his friends Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. "If the right franchise became available, trust me, I'd make the calls," Johnson said. "What better situation for us than to do it together?"

>>In this scenario, Jordan would run the basketball operations, while Magic would be in charge of the business side of things and Charles would be Charles. "Charles could handle the sponsors and dealing with people," Johnson said in an off-the-air conversation while working as an analyst for TNT this week. "And if we needed somebody to talk harsh to the team, he could do that."

>>"If I owned a team, I'd have to get somebody with Michael's skills to run the basketball side," Johnson said. "If he bought into a team, he would have to find somebody like me to make the company profitable. It would be the perfect marriage." "What a message it would send," Johnson said. "It would be unbelievable. I really think we can do it." <<

...The rest of the article requires registration which I don't have, but somehow I got to read it all the way through the first time I saw it. If the idea of Michael running your front office, Magic making your business decisions, and Charles doing ANYTHING around your team doesn't scare you enough, the article ends with Magic turning to Chuck and saying, "You want to own a team in Las Vegas?"

Charles says, "Sign me up."

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Michael's skills"?

Are you kidding me? Ask a Wizards fan about Michael Jordan's "skills" in the front office.

3:14 PM  
Blogger Dave said...

I know. Two words: Kwame Brown. Magic's business acumen I can believe maybe, but as I said in the post, Jordan in the front office or Charles doing ANYTHING is not something I'd like to see. And that's besides the fact that they'd be the Las Vegas Blazers within three years.


3:25 PM  

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