Sunday, May 07, 2006

Credit Where Credit is Due

Having spent a couple of posts talking about what goes wrong with hoops/sports/online discussion nowadays, I figured I really ought to mention something that's right. There's a guy in our extended online Blazer circle who doesn't get a lot of credit for the job he does, largely because (as far as I can tell anyway) he doesn't really want any, preferring to stay in the background and let the story be the story. That guy is Eric Marentette, a.k.a. EricBlog, the author of the official Oregon Live Blazer Blog.

Blogger extraordinaire Henry Abbott posted this the other day:

"This is an idea I first heard from John Battelle, and I'm positive he's 100% correct. The key skill in this day and age isn't so much in creating new content, as it is winnowing and sifting all that's available and presenting it in digestable chunks."*

I assume this means that neither monsieurs Abbott nor Battelle would think much of this blog, so we'll hope there's some wiggle room in there! But that aside, they really do have a point. And that said, there's NOBODY better at sythesizing massive amounts of content into digestable chunks than Mr. Marentette. It's a gift. He eases you into every story he finds, and he doesn't miss much.

Also under-appreciated is the meta-function of Eric's blog as the central strand that binds the web of online Blazer discussion. As soon as something crosses his keyboard, be it a trade rumor, a summer-league report, or the latest Nate quote, it seems like the whole online community is abuzz about it. Without Eric doing what he does, all of us would be islands in a vast sea, most likely never knowing about each other, let alone touching. With a lot of work we might be able to get the info ourselves, but we sure wouldn't be able to talk about it as readily. His blog is our commonality...the engine that runs this online train, allowing us to sit comfortably in the passenger cars and discuss the view.

So I know it's a small thing from a small outfit, but I really wanted to say, "Thanks, Eric!" Not every site would fill all the functions yours does because not everyone would do that job as gracefully and well. Our online community could do a lot worse...


*link to Henry Abbott's quote at


Blogger Adeline said...

Nice Blog :)

12:42 AM  
Blogger Dave said...

Thank you! And I admire your passion for...electricity? That's a different subject to blog about! But then I suppose that's no stranger than being a Blazer fan nowadays...


12:49 AM  

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