Friday, April 28, 2006

We Be the GM

I love how the O-Live site has turned our uncertainty into a positive over the last couple of years by running their "You Be the G.M." poll. It wouldn't have worked as well in the championship-run years ("Does Clyde stay or go? You make the call!") but it's a fun feature nowadays. I love any kind of decent Blazer conversation, and this sure seems to generate some. Mostly, though, it reminds me to be grateful that we, as fans, don't actually get our secret wishes to run the franchise. The swing in public opinion from year to year can be shocking. And I don't exclude myself from that. Two years ago I was all for keeping Zach and Darius. (OK...not at that price though. I'll give myself that.) As much as we criticize them sometimes, it's a good thing that the real G.M.'s are there to temper things.

So who do you think gets the highest "keep" percentage this year? I'd guess Martell is the odds-on favorite, with Jack's support being split by all the company he has at his position. Nate might be a darkhorse, as would be Khryapa. On the other hand, I don't even want to see what happens May 9th when Darius comes due. I'm not optimistic about Allen either. They better make that "go" box a little bigger. Either that or create a new category: "I will pack your bags and drive you myself."



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