Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Draft Help

I don't follow the college game much other than to watch the tournament, so I will admit that I am relatively clueless when it comes to the draft. I wondered if someone could help out.

Let's assume that we're not going to have Zach and Darius long-term. Let's also assume that at least one or two of our point guards pan out, that Martell will be a starter at the 2 or 3, and that either Khryapa or Outlaw will prove a serviceable back-up at forward (at minimum). It seems to me our priorities would be:

--A power forward with good size, excellent rebounding, good defense, and the ability to score down low. Offensive range is probably not an issue but it would be nice if he had good hands. Good pick setting would also be wonderful.

--A center. We won't be as demanding because they're more rare, but legitimate height/size and rebounding ability are important. Defense is also key. (We have a lot of leaks among our smaller people. If you think Joel is staying, you can ease up on this requirement a little.) A shot out to 15 feet would be nice, but you could switch this offensive requirement with the power forward above. You just can't get two guys who are limited to the post.

--A 2-3 swing player. Again size is nice. Should be able to score off the drive, handle the ball, pass, hustle, and scrap on defense. We need a real athlete here. (Sounds like Darius. It should have been...)

Being tough, smart, or quick would also be bonuses at any position, as we lack some of those qualities as a team right now.

Now, I'm not expecting anybody to fit all of these characteristics, but with very high picks we should be able to get some players with many of them. Who are they? Those who know about the draft classes for this year and next let me know either in the comment section or by e-mail at



Blogger ignacio said...

I'm not sure there's anything wrong with Lamarcus Aldridge. He led his conference in rebounding if I'm not mistaken and that kind of thing is usually a very good sign. He has a nice shot, he's athletic, I seem to remember that his FT % is above 70.

If we hang on to our later picks I think we should use at least one of them for more rebounding. There are just so many games where you look at the box-score and try to figure out why somebody won and the stat that jumps out is rebounding, again and again.

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