Friday, April 28, 2006

Draft Help Responses

Thank you to everyone who e-mailed with draft suggestions. So far folks seem to be split pretty evenly between Lamarcus Aldridge and Andrea Bargnani. Both are nice forwards and would probably fit, although I might tend towards Aldridge because he seems tougher and maybe the better rebounder at this point and I think that's something we need. How do you ignore a guy who's 6'11" with a shot who can play small forward though?

A couple of people are also crossing their fingers that Noah comes out. It appears that the consensus is we need a forward. (By the way, it's really sad that Zach can't play at the 3-spot. He'd be oversized there, he'd pound people on offense, and his flaws wouldn't matter so much. He couldn't even begin to defend the position though.)

One name conspicuously absent from the list was Adam Morrison. I know there's some local sentiment for him, but I actually live a couple hours from Gonzaga, I watched a few of their games, and I've got to tell you that he scares me. He has a lot of offensive talent and intangibles, but his defense... Pew! The right team might be able to cover for him, but we already have a lot of young guys at the small positions with offensive talent who haven't learned to defend yet. At this point putting him, Telfair, and Webster on the floor at the same time would be suicide, especially if Zach's still here. There was a lot of the "we can't play this guy with that guy" thing going on this year. I'd prefer a guy who could play with anybody (and hopefully make them better).

If the Blazers drafted Morrison with a high pick, I'd suspect that they were trying to sell tickets at the expense of winning games, which is a guaranteed recipe for long-term failure for a small-market team.



Blogger ignacio said...

I hope with our #2 and 3 picks (which are 29 and 30, more or less) we think about someone like Eduardo Najera. Or Fabrizio Oberto (the Argentinian who's on San Antonio's bench).

Maybe there's someone in the Italian League who no one has heard of at this point.

These can be real building-block picks.

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